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Animal welfare organizations in the United Kingdom, and across the globe, are driven by their love and compassion for all animals. While the motivation for these organizations stems from a desire to increase awareness and provide care to neglected or endangered animals, none of that would be possible without the generosity of those who donate their time and money. Most of these organizations operate entirely on public donations and the valuable time of their volunteers. If you are as passionate about helping animals as I am, here are just a few animal welfare organizations in the UK to become involved in. 


Blue Cross for Animals

Founded in 1897, the Blue Cross has spent over 100 years helping a variety of pets who are sick, homeless, or need medical assistance. They have 4 animal hospitals and 12 rehoming centres in the United Kingdom to help them operate their mission. The Blue Cross provides rehoming services to find loving families for surrendered or homeless animals, and educational talks on how to properly care for a pet in hopes of reducing the number of abandoned pets. They also provide free veterinary treatments for pet owners who cannot afford proper care to their animals.  



The RSPCA is the UK’s largest animal welfare charity, dedicated to preventing the cruelty and suffering of all animals while promoting kindness to them. With 162 branches and 4 wildlife centres in England and Wales, the RSPCA focuses their time and efforts into aiding domestic pets, wild animals, farm pets, and laboratory animals. They rescue homeless or mistreated animals, provide veterinary care and microchipping, find new suitable homes for these pets, and investigate cruelty claims.     


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Based in London, the Battersea home takes in abandoned or surrendered animals with no discrimination on age, gender, breed, size, or health. Their intake policy is that they will never turn away a dog or a cat that is in need of their help. They make it so that any pet that is in need of their veterinary or rehoming services will be provided with the utmost care. Furthermore, they provide a free lost pets line where people can call 7 days a week to report missing or found animals in their area. With this service, they have successfully reunited, on average, 40 pets with their owners each week. 



The United Kingdoms largest dog welfare charity was founded in 1891. From that day, the organization has taken in and rehomed a monumental number of dogs to loving families. On average, they care for about 1500 dogs throughout their 21 locations, solely on the financial support of their generous donations and volunteers who lend their time. DogsTrust is passionate about providing education to dog owners that will help to prevent rehoming, as well as encouraging families to adopt the great dogs that they care for.